Our training programs are designed on a monthly basis. It takes time and patience to develop a well trained dog. Just like people, every dog is different. Some will progress faster than others, however most will learn general obedience within a month. For my hunting dogs, the desire to hunt is instilled through breeding. Which is true of most hunting dogs if they are of good stock. My job is to draw out what is already there, through training techniques and commands required of a great hunting dog. Once they leave me with the fundamentals, field experience puts icing on the cake. Dogs have a natural desire to please us, so in the course of my time training your dog, that’s what I hope to draw out. In order to develop a training plan for your dog it’s important that we meet or speak over the phone so that I can understand your needs and what results you hope to see from your dog. From there, we will set up a timeline and goals for your dog. Pups can be started as young as three months, six months and older for obedience and gun training.

Food and housing is included in all training packages. Training for gun dogs includes obedience. All medications must be provided.


$550 monthly
Obedience commands: here, sit, stay, heel, no, down, kennel.


$550-625 monthly
Ideal for retrievers. General obedience Introduction to live birds and guns. Intro to water, boats, and decoys, retrieving, blind retrieves, whistle commands, here, hold conditioning and hunt dead.


$625-675 monthly
Ideal for Pointer and Flusher breeds. Includes general obedience, whoa command Introduction to birds and guns, extensive bird work, retrieving, whistle commands, here, quartering, dead hunt, hold conditioning, honoring, steady to wing and shot if Dog is to be force fetched.

Force Fetch

$600 monthly
For dogs lacking the desire to retrieve, or are lazy on the retrieve, this generally takes two months

Shed Antler and Game Recovery

$500 monthly
Ideal for Retriever, Flusher and Hound breeds.

 Our Story

Our Story

Hey, I’m Jordan Waits, a native of Cynthiana, Ky. where I grew up on a small farm. Cattle was our main operation, but we always had dogs. My dad used to tell me stories of the lab he trained when he was young. Cinder was a full blooded lab my dad received as a gift. He once took Cinder to a professional kennel where they trained field trial dogs. He out preformed all of the expensive bloodlines in the bunch. One summer, I picked up one of Dad’s books on dog training. I decided I was getting a bird dog. What I didn't know was how challenging it would be to train a bird dog with no experience of my own. I didn't realize it at the time, but I learned some much needed lessons. As I got older, my passion for gun dogs was stirred when I decided to get a lab. I spent a lot of time with her, and before long, I had a well behaved and classy gun dog. Now I have a Llewellin Setter who is on his way to being great bird dog. I want to offer my experience, knowledge and time to train dogs for those who are as passionate about their dogs as I am. If you want a well behaved dog or gun dog we are the outfit for you. These dogs are your family and that’s exactly how they will be treated at Whoa Dog Outfitters.


These are some of our training success stories.
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